Monday, September 16, 2013

Disney Infinity - Monsters U Playset

In Toy Story 3: The Video Game we built a world filled with toys in what we called the Toy Box mode. Each toy had a purpose or function to it which added to the overall playful experience. When we started the Monsters U playset we wanted to incorporate many of the same ideas.

These two building concepts were attempts at turning the building designs from Pixar (in the film) into functioning toys. Notice where I called out different toy attributes like Molded Plastic, Stickers, and Interactive buttons. We ordered a ton of toys that now litter our offices to get a better understanding of what makes something a toy.

In concert with designing the toys I did some early map layouts of the Monster University campus. This helped us to define the play-space, it's boundaries, and the overall traversal from one side to the other.

Speaking of boundaries... This concept was created to show how the World Architects could enclose the play-space in a way that felt natural to the environment. The other side of the fence receding into the horizon is meant to be the sky-dome of the game which is non-interactive.


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