Monday, September 09, 2013

Disney Infinity - Cars Playset

Building of the Cars playset started early in the process of developing Disney Infinity, mostly because we had just finished up on Cars 2: The Video Game and the Cars franchise was fresh on our minds. It also helped that we had a ton of assets already created for use when blocking out the Infinity game. However, that created a problem, we didn't want to just rehash what we had done before and we had a deep desire with Infinity to create or own unique style to the worlds and its characters.

This was an early stab at showing how we wanted to exaggerate the relationships of Large, Medium, and Small shapes, as well as the use of flowing lines to create pleasing compositions.

 It was a struggle at first to apply some of the higher level rules that we established to the environments. The above shows an initial 3D blockout that I sketched over during the early development.

These two later concepts addressed the aesthetic rules as well as the lighting, population, design, and textural quality. In the end the Cars team really nailed the Infinity Style.

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