Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Disney Infinity - Incredibles Playset

How do you design Toy Buildings that fit into the world of Incredibles? That was the challenge that we had in the early days of creating the playset for the game. We worked closely with Pixar to make sure we didn't lose the flavor of the Mid-Century Modern design style that they used throughout the film. Here are some early concepts that I worked on for two of the HQ buildings.

It's rare these days in our Concept Department that one artists takes an image all the way through to completion. Sam Nielson has a great post describing the process as seen here. The above images were no exception. Special thanks to Emily Dunn and Ryan Neider for heavily influencing these designs.


Nasan Hardcastle said...

Sam posted in his blog, "The second artist so often sees things you don't, or brings in a sensibility or idea that modifies yours in interesting ways."
-Is this the primary reason why you write, " it's rare that one artist takes an image all the way through to completion?"

Or are there other reasons, such as a workflow which dictates one artist to start a project and another finish it?

Or could it also be for reasons where one artist helps out another artist by taking on a few of his tasks or vice versa when the situation warrants it?

Ben Simonsen said...

Hi Nasan,

To answer your questions it's actually a little bit of all three.

However, more often it's about pushing the piece past what you thought was good or completed. I find that handing my stuff over to Sam and others on the team to see what they do with it inspires me to go farther.

Then other times its about schedules, who has time to finish something up.